About Oti

Oti puts its experience and know-how at the service of infrastructures. Thanks to the passion and high standards of its teams, Oti s reputation transcends borders. Oti guarantees its services and products by committing to the quality approach, ISO 9001 certified since 2012.

Business areas :
– Metallic construction
– Processing of plastics
– Drilling and water treatment

Our jobs

Expertise And Execution Studies:

The company "Ouvrages et Travaux Industriels" brings its technical expertise through the development of execution studies in the following areas:

- Repair and reinforcement of metal structures under rail or road traffic
- Metal frame building
- Piping
- Boiler Work

Metal frame :

The company "Ouvrages et Travaux Industriels" particularly promotes this type of construction, which has many advantages, including strong competitiveness in terms of completion, space management, and management of environmental constraints.

We produce the different types of metallic frame floors: either mixed type, coated joist or honeycomb sandwich panel flooring.

Metallic Structure and bridging:

The rehabilitation of metallic structures under circulation is one of our main skills. We work on all parts of the structure, from the infrastructure to the superstructures..
Our services cover every stage of the project, from technical study to repair and rehabilitation work.
Respectful of the operating constraints of our customers, we provide an intervention methodology which purpose is doing the job without cutting off traffic.

Piping And Boiler Work

In the field of piping and industrial boilermaking, Oti also pilot all the phases of the project:
Our ability to engineer, fabricate, and install boiler tube welding parts allows us to offer turn-key service from project conception, through construction, right up until the unit is online.

Piping :

We engineer and fabricate boiler tubes and boiler parts. By bringing pipe fabrication into our shop, we can fabricate tube panels quickly, accurately, and with the highest quality in the industry.
We service the major Utility as well as other industrial markets.


Regarding the boilermaking, we perform both vertical tanks and horizontal tanks Independently of any external control, our company sets up an internal control of the quality of the welds that we submit to our customers before the start of the project.

Our values

Our customer satisfaction is our strenght..

Thus, all our resources are mobilized as a priority in order to meet our contractual commitments in terms of delay and quality of work.

Our employees are our main asset.

Safety is one concern you never need to worry about with Oti group.
First, we always take the time to fully understand ll your safety processes and procedures. When you work with us, you can be confident that safety will always be our number one go

Our Risk Management Program includes:

– Safety training and standards for all Supervisors and Team Leads
– Assessment of workplace risks and hazards
– Job Hazard Analysis evaluations
– Site Inspections and audit conducted

Finally, our employees are strongly encouraged to take training or upgrades, of which, depending on the case, all costs are borne by the company.

No Progress Without Sustainable Development.
Concerned about the importance of our faunistic, floristic and cultural heritage, Oti subjects each of its contracts to compliance with environmental standards. Also, each Oti market benefits from environmental guidelines issued by independent specialists in environmental impact studies. To avoid, if not reduce or mitigate the possible risks and threats generated by these activities, for each market,

studies of the environment and assessments of the techniques used are carried out a priori;
guidelines are issued for the acquisition of environmentally friendly attitudes;
follow-ups are undertaken at each pivotal phase to assess compliance with these issued directives and, possibly, corrective measures may be recommended.
At the end of each contract, a global review of each activity is issued. It makes it possible to check whether or not the directives have been implemented.

Oti Madagascar & Its Clients

Oti Madagascar supports its clients in the construction and rehabilitation of metallic arts. Its work is based on strict requirements.